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ATL SOLUTIONS, the trade name of A. Th. Loizou & Son Ltd, is an information technology company and part of the ATL LOIZOU GROUP.

A.Th. Loizou & Son Ltd was established in 1947 by Andreas Th. Loizou, initially representing British, German and Czech suppliers for office equipment, agricultural machinery and machine tools. As the Cyprus market evolved over the years, the company began in 1986 to specialize in the area of information technology. Since then, business progressed rapidly from the supply of hardware to the provision of IT solutions.

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Partnerships with leading industry vendors provide clients with IT solutions guaranteeing quality, support and real customer value. Our customer portfolio has increased the last 30 years and we have been cooperating with organisations in various sectors including The Cyprus Government, Banking Sector, Insurance Sector, Hotel Industry, Retail Sector, Automotive Sector, Legal and Energy & Utilities.


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Provide leading IT solutions to customers requiring excellence in service and reliability in products. With unwavering integrity and commitment, we are guided in becoming your trusted IT partner through a long and transparent collaboration.


Be a leading IT supplier and service provider in Cyprus allowing our customers to focus on and grow their business.

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